Other apps that offer support for screenwriting have templates or stylesheets instead, such as Scrivener Ywriter Storyist. Apps that specialize in screenwriting, namely Final Draft and Adobe Story, have these formats ready to go.

Some distraction-free writing apps do away with formatting altogether and instead use Markdown language. Both also offer iOS apps, making it possible to edit or annotate your writing on the go.

Scrivener and Ulysses are likely a better fit for a larger number of people. Creating chapters and scenes is simple enough. In many writing apps, you can set a goal for the day for how many words you hope to write, but in yWriter, you can also set a goal for words per hour.

You could open Ywriter files via the backup copy using a different program, but that would result in your locally stored copy being out of sync. You can mark which characters appear in a scene, add project notes, describe the location, and more. Markdown is an alternative way to add basic formatting, such as bold and italics, by adding little codes right in the text.

You can buy the iOS version of any of these apps and then have an easy way to make notes on your project, or write and edit them wherever you are.

To add a backup solution, you have to change a setting in the Tools menu, which will result in your work being saved both locally and in the cloud storage solution of your choice.

Scrivener takes the middle ground, with a wealth of tools, but also plenty of distraction-free settings. The iOS version is a tad different due to the small screen, but the organization of scenes is great.

Both of these apps cater specifically to professional screenwriters. Then iOS will be for quick ideas and the PC for elaborate typing. These automatic saves allow you to revert to an early version of your work should you ever need to. A Good App, Especially If You Like Data yWriter speaks to those who love data and crave organization, which may not be the stereotypical creative writer.

Some of these data points, such as characters sheets, are for your reference only. Perfect for PC to IPhone Jan 15, wckdlytwstd The lament of any PC user that has an iPhone is the shear amount of headache associated with finding software that syncs up with both without copious amounts of manual file uploading and download.

The interface and menus are intuitive, whether you start from scratch or import a work in progress from some other app as an RTF.

For example, in scriptwriting, formatting has to be just so. Nov 4, SilentIceWolf I used to use yWriter on my computer, but lack of availability on mobile made me abandon it in favor of Scrivener, now let me tell you Ulysses uses Markdown, and Scrivener supports it but also offers traditional formatting panels.

Getting Started After downloading and installing yWriter, you can start a writing project immediately. As with any app in its early stages not all the kinks are worked out but I have no doubt it will continue to improve and I completely think it will be a well invested couple of dollars.

For example, when you look at any chapter, you can see the names of all the scenes it contains, how many words are in each scene, and whose point of view is used to tell the story there.Jun 21,  · Free Download yWriter - A complex and handy software utility that organizes your novel into chapters and scenes allowing you to efficiently /5(9).

YWriter. 3, likes · 11 talking about this. Spacejock Software - yWriter, yBook, FCharts and more/5(33). yWriter is available Ywriter several versions: yWriter 6 for windows 7 and newer yWriter 5 for older versions of windows yWriter for Android* yWriter for IOS* *The mobile versions of yWriter are designed for editing your PC projects.

Oct 30,  · ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about yWriter. Download yWriter and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch/5(9).

Oct 09,  · yWriter. Free Download yWriter A dedicated word processor for novel writers.3/5(1). yWriter allows you to write and edit your novel on the go.

Unlike a word processor, yWriter displays your novel in chapters and scenes, making it much easier to keep track of everything. This is the official port of the popular 3/5(3).

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