Write a story and draw a picture

Have students talk about their feelings about the story. Attach and laminate over the object.

Draw the Story

Session One Gather students together for a story. Draw and Write -- Draw a self-portrait and write about yourself. Draw and Write -- Draw and write about an animal you invented. Explain to students that they are now going to draw another picture which will show what the person in their drawing might do next.

Then ask students to tell how the problem might be solved. How do you feel when you do your skill, and what does it help you accomplish? Next, have the students fold over their papers so the picture they drew is no longer visible.

Have them exchange papers with the person next to them. Write about why your scarecrow would scare away birds from farmland. One for every student in your class and one for you and the JTE. Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of a very scary animal and write about it.

Have children paste a number of fairly flat items: Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of your favorite food and write about it. Create a drawing gallery book depicting family members my familyfavorite things, my home, pet, food, snacks, holiday, etc.

As they work independently, circulate and have them read their writing aloud, and match their writing to their pictures. Write one letter example for the children to follow. Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of your father and write about him.

Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of your favorite cookie and write about it.

Congrats on a great class! What makes it so silly? Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of a haunted house for Halloween and write about it.

Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of the best vacation you ever had. Describe what it looks like, and write about why you decorated it the way you did and how it would taste. Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of a snowman and write about it.

I Feel Sad When Present what is a self-portrait, show examples from art books, museum or online museum visit. Yes my version is the recommended version because its so beautiful and easy to understand, but once you get the hang of it you can do this activity with just blank sheets of paper.

The concept of shapes, lines zigzag, straight, curvedand colors primary, secondary and complimentary within any learning theme.

Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of the house you would have built if you had been one of the three little pigs. Then draw a picture of the mitten as it looks at the end of your version of the story.

Have children practice numbers by drawing a number of objects within a theme, or holiday activity to represent the number.

Ask them not to put their names on their papers until after they show you their drawings. Watch hilarity ensue as they get to see how different the final sentence is compared with the original picture! As pages are turned, the picture story unfolds and then the reader keeps turning pages to read the written version of the story.

Display artwork and make it special. Write about what the wand looks like and what magical things you could do with it.

Draw a Story: Stepping from Pictures to Writing

Repeat the process until you get to Box 6, which is the final sentence. Different Ending for a Story: Give an example of a time when you failed at something. Draw and Write -- Draw a picture of your favorite hobby and write about it.Story Paper for Drawing and Handwriting for Preschool, Kindergarten and Early Elementary Printable story paper to encourage drawing, handwriting and early creative writing skills suitable for, kindergarten and early elementary.

Kids turn the squiggle into a picture and then write a story about their picture. Simple and super fun! Find this Pin and Squiggle Stories!

Give students a page with a random squiggle on it. Students use the squiggle to draw a picture and then write a story about it. Great idea for a writing station!

Tell & Draw a story See more. Let's Draw a Story. We write the story, you draw the pictures. Fun activity for kids. Great for scrapbooking, crafts and projects. Students draw a series of pictures that tell a story, including character action, problem and solution.

They ‘read' their story to others, transcribe it into writing. Mar 28,  · How does this story start and end? Let's draw the story to practice storytelling and comprehension skills! Kids will boost creativity by adding their own style to this story, plus they can work on writing skills by writing out the story /5(7).

Storywriting Blank Page

In these worksheets, the student draws a picture and writes about it. There is a blank frame for the picture; below it are four lines on which the student can write.

To get back to the list of worksheets, use the BACK button or click on the picture. Draw and Write: No Topic Specified-- Draw a.

Write a story and draw a picture
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