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The titular sniper, who is not given a name, is a young Irishman. For much of the story, the sniper functions as an embodiment of self-control and restraint, but this veneer is cast aside when the tension has abated, and the sniper is suddenly overcome with disgust. Even though this puts him in danger, the action is done cautiously.

He eats his sandwich "hungrily" hinting at an animalistic nature, a person who is running more on instinct. He is, after all, only human, and can only stave off his own emotions for so long under this kind of pressure.

This is probably intended to diminish his individuality, with the purpose of making him a representative of virtually any young man in the war. The sniper does ponder whether to smoke and does so "hurriedly".

Later when the old woman points him out to soldiers who arrive in an armored car, the sniper deftly kills the man at the turret and then kills the woman. He has "the cold gleam of a fanatic" in his eyes and "is used to looking at death.

When shot in the arm by the other sniper, the main character dresses his woulnd, impervious to the pain caused by the injury and then shrewdly The sniper direct characterization a plan to cause his enemy to reveal his whereabouts.

He eats his sandwich "hungrily" hinting at an animalistic nature, a person This implies that the sniper is at war without and within; his self-control tempers a fierce personal motivation. It is only then that the sniper reveals a softer side.

While allusions to a student may draw up the idea of youth and innocence, the use of the descriptors "thin and ascetic" ascetic meaning self-disciplined implies that a better term might be scholarly or spartan.

We are told little about him directly; most of his characterization comes from the description of his actions, and what he looks like, not necessarily who he is, or was, before the war. Meanwhile, his eyes have the "cold gleam of a fanatic". This is also suggested by his ability to care for himself after he is shot, and to overcome the pain of his injury by the force of his own will.

When the opportunity strike, the sniper kills him. In the beginning of the story, the sniper is described as an expert at his job. The first description we are given of the sniper is that he has the "face of a student, thin and ascetic".

Again, this is training taking over. Realizing he has killed the other sniper, he is "bitten by remorse. When he makes his way to the body, that is when he realizes he has killed his own brother. The first description we areThe main character in O'Flaherty's "The Sniper" is characterized as a rugged soldier who is hardened to the horrors of war.

In the beginning of the story, the sniper is described as an expert at his job. The main character, the Republican sniper, developes in the story. At first, all he is concerned about is killing the other sniper.

Once he killed him, he was filled with remorse, even before he found out he had killed his brother. Direct Characterization. The sniper has eyes like the cold gleam of the fanatic (the author tells us this directly) Indirect Characterization.

The sniper wan an experienced soldier because he tricked the other sniper by using his hat as a decoy.

Define the characterization of the main character in Liam O'Flaherty's

In the short story "The Sniper" they really don't describe the characters into great detail. The character I chose was the main sniper.

Describe the main character in

He is an republican sniper who was on a rooftop. He was very bold because he had the guts to eat a sandwich, drink whiskey, and have a cigarette. He wasn't compassionate either. Indirect Characterization The reader has to use his own judgment to decide what a character is like based on the evidence that the writer gives.

Indirect Characterization The woman darted towards the side street. The sniper fired again. The woman whirled round and fell with a sudden shriek into the gutter.

The sniper is on the Republican’s side, fighting for freedom from the British government. He is located on the rooftop of a building where the O’Connell Bridge is in sight. The protagonist in this story is indeed the sniper because he is the reoccurring character in the story and is seen throughout the whole plot/5(1).

The sniper direct characterization
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