The role of women in the modern society

Schools, places on which the life of every adolescent focuses, are overcrowded with female teachers. The androgynous look was desired, and models who displayed womanly characteristics had more jobs than those looking like Brad Pitt.

Nowadays, however, women do not have to rely on their husbands anymore to provide a financial support for the home and in many cases they become breadwinners and head of the home themselves. Before long, it is men who do the everyday laundry, it is men who prepare children for school and pick them up afterwards, it is men who cook dinners and sew a button onto a worn out shirt.

Females are not forced to stay at home nursing children and making diners, they are free to go to work and pursue a successful career. This is just another aspect of the evolution of society and meeting the needs of professional tolerance.

In consequence, when seeking some ideal to conform to boys tend to choose the person that guides them throughout most of their lives, and who unsurprisingly often happens to be the mother.

Thus, unlike their female peers, and during their formative developmental period, the young males have little opportunity to experience positive male role models. On the one hand, the stereotype of a strong, hunky, masculine man straight from the Marlboro advertisements falls into decline.

Recently, it has been taken into extremes, where wearing a pink jumper is not perceived gay anymore, but rather as a manifestation of masculinity.

The vision between roles of men and women became blurred, leaving modern men in state of bewilderment. For this reason the majority of population still considers men the only breadwinners even though the reality evolved to the extent that is not necessarily true.

Historically speaking, that head of household was always male. Therefore, in many cases men are expected to take over the duties of a housewife. But none of that matters, after all, sensitive, vulnerable women will always need beside them a shoulder to cry on.

Only men who do not show an exaggerated concern for their manliness and feel self-confident are not afraid to see themselves in pink.

All in all, the male role has not changed drastically in contemporary society. The blurred vision between the roles of men and women as well as more tolerant and modern society allowed women to take up jobs which were in the past years reserved only for men, and reversely.

Does it make sense? Accordingly, men are desperately needed in all aspects of society to provide the male perspective.Women have departed from their traditional role of reproducers, mothers and wives only. From a non-entity, they have been able to establish an identity of their own in the modern society.

Modern women have proved that they are second to none, whether it is home, or outside home at their workplace. The roles of women in the modern society * in family: Women have a very different role in family and society. In modern life, the role of woman is more and more respective. In of which, we cannot deny the role of women with the maternity of being wife and mother.

Women have still spent more time for family.

Thank God I had a father who considered the fact that women should work just as hard as men and women should be equal partners in society.

Women are important in our society. Every woman has her own job or duty in this modern society in which men are unfortunately still the 'strongest gender'. Women today are coming forth in modern social trends. This feminism may appear too extreme and rather threatening to the male ego, yet the role of women in current society has drastically changed.

Perhaps there is some explanation for their actions.

Women are now regularly performing duties that were traditionally assigned to males. The role of women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades but now are coming to a more perspective to people.

In the early days women were seen as wives who were intended to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. They were not allowed to vote while men took care of having jobs and paying any bills that had to be paid.

Feb 23,  · To the Editor: I would like to give my viewpoints concerning the role of women today in modern society. First of all, the definition of “wo” is the female and “man” is the male. Therefore, women are made for man. She is different from a man atomically, physiologically and biologically.

Therefore her role is different.

The role of women in the modern society
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