The potential benefits of communication technologies and the significant impact of internet to engli

There will be nowhere to hide! Treasury Service, the Department of Justice, and countless other alphabet spook and police agencies. The CEO must be Lucifer himself. While the affiliations of Creusat and Halaris remain somewhat tangled and mysterious, the ultimate purpose of L.

D be used to control and enslave humanity: Sutton, a highly astute researcher who authored The Secret Establishment and other books unmasking secret societies and exposing the aims of the globalists, is one of the tiny handful of men who have, so far, exposed the manifest dangers of L.

Some will wisely understand and prepare by taking shelter in Jesus Christ.

What do the initials stand for? It is the hidden chiefs at the National Security Agency, their underlings in the know, and especially their superiors, the Inner Circle of the Illuminati, whom we can rightly brand as the culprits.

It is they who have conceived this colossal project and will finalize and set it into motion. In the Soviet Union, they were known as gulags. Moreover, these systems are so diabolically masterful that only Satan himself couId originally have conceived them.

Antony Sutton, an expert on advanced and futuristic technology systems, says that L. All citizens will be ordered to report to these centers and "volunteer" their bodies to the camera devices so that the I.

Ramos, "I do not know what the letters in L. It couId be that these men are no more to blame for the potential abuses of L. It can be expected that managers of these agencies will be briefed on how to use coverup propaganda to cleverly respond to public and local press inquiries, so that the awful truth will not become known until it is too late.

Every nation on earth will join in this campaign to eradicate the "human vermin and diseased human rats" who, it is said, now infect the wounded, sacred body of Mother Earth.

Even though he admitted working closely with Dr. Inunder President Harry S. Ultimately, this identification, tracking, and monitoring of innocent, yet despised, Christian victims will result in the incarceration and death of untoId masses.

This huge, behemoth of a facility, appropriately enough, has been called the "Puzzle Palace. Ostensibly, this money went into the research and development of new and advanced, highly sophisticated military is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

Project L.U.C.I.D. The Beast Universal Human Control System. Texe Marrs. Introduction.

The potential benefits of communication technologies and the significant impact of internet to engli
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