Student should take part in politics against

Huen Sang, a well known scholar, of China, visited India in the days when Nalanda University was in its prime. He knows his duties towards his country.

Shouting slogans and protest are the order of the day there. If we study the lives of our great leaders, we shall find that most of them did take an active part in politics even during their student days.

If, instead of a self-made President, an elected political leader had proferred that advice, its motivation could perhaps be attributed to genuinely paternal feelings.

The event was judged by Janab. I really felt bad for all the students who once changed the discourse of history in Europe through Feminist or Radical movements.

This leads to groupism among students which is harmful to the interest of students itself. This will enable them to become seasoned politicians in future, if they so choose. This is the stage where student begin to shape their career but due to thier active partication they may ruin it ,as a consequencecountry has to suffer.

Any organ of the body which is undeveloped makes the body cripple and infirm. Is it that we want to teach our fellow students? At times, it brings him into serious clash with the college authorities or the police. Such preparation would include a good general education, a fair knowledge of history, geography, economics, sociology etc.

Their studies and the method of education in that age went ahead in helping them to grow properly as an asset to the society.

But student need to join in politics to bring awareness in all aspects Also they should have sense of political consciousness. Students have not entered the portals of a University or a College to play such a game. Ethical and moral considerations take a backseat in this game and the personality of a man at all moments remains charged with manipulative motives and dubious designs.

It makes him aware of what is happening in his country and in the world around him. The elderly people being busy with their bread-earning activities,political leaders started enlisting the support of the student community. Home Politics Should students take part in politics?

That was the oldest of the Universities. Even before a student, one is the citizen of India and he enjoys his democratic rights from the state.

There are diff ways for service of nation not only politics. It gives him training in the democratic way of life. This age of students is of exploring the world, studying various subject and playing.

Even the Jessica Lal murder case was brought into light by the student activism only. The only thing they learn from politics is corruption and it ends their sense of ethics. Party politics and politics are two separate things. But active participation in politics would not be suitable for students because they are still immature and inexperienced and are apt to be swayed by passions and prejudices.

Participation of Students in Politics Or Or Students and Political Agitations The question of the participation of students in politics has always evoked a lot of discussion. They argue that politics is a dirty game.

Should students take part in politics?

There is also the dark side of it that is being witnessed these days. Politics is to be differentiated from the regular subject of studies e. I know politics increase our knowledge but in politics, the leaders throw allegations on each other, do bad comments and totally boycott us.

Students are the backbone of the society and if they are not brought up properly, the future of the society will be darkened. And after all it is they who to decide. Two contrasting opinions have been expressed by the two groups of people.

That most people, who come from the educated class, still do not vote…let alone, participate in active politics. I may be excused if I assert that the fault does not lie with the students who are as delicate as the new branch of a new plant; the fault lies with the politicians who try to use the young blood for the welfare of their own party purposes.

Students should not involve themselves in politics…

Saturday, February 20, Debate Organized by me:Should students take part in politics? This is a very crucial question that stands posed before the student community of our country the very word ‘students gapes the scope of their activities.

This is a very crucial question that stands posed before the student community of our country the very word ‘students gapes the scope of their activities.

Students should take part in politics. Students should take part in politics. Learning about politics are very important part of understanding our government system.

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This needs to be discussed and learned in classrooms as it prepares the. Students should not, therefore, take part in active politics. On the other hand, the students, who are the rising generation and on whom the country pins her confidence, must be inspired with an ever burning patriotic zeal and should be ever prepared to dedicate their lives on the altar of country’s freedom.

Though the idea of students taking part in politics might have been an anathema until a few years ago, there are now many who feel that students should take an active part in politics if the nation is to be provided with effective leaders in the years to come.

Quite a number of students are involved in politics nowadays even with the implementation of University & University College Act (AUKU). Some are even members of political parties. This topic has been much debated for some time now and there are different views and thoughts on whether students should be allowed to take.

As a student of class 9 I feel that students should not take part in any kind of politics, because it is the time for us to study, to know the world, to .

Student should take part in politics against
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