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The day is called Black Thursday. Though designed to protect U. His death was declared after he suffered massive internal bleeding. Before leaving the office of the President, he made strenuous attempts to save the economy.

Hoover attended Stanford University in California where he earned a degree in geology. Hoover was soundly defeated by Franklin D. This is where he met his soon to be wife, Lou Henry Hoover.

However, both his parents died when he was young and he became an orphan. As an orphan, this led the young Hoover become self-reliant, industrious and independent. He took the post and made tremendous efforts in redefining the department. Oregon Land Company is a real estate company located in Salem and owned by his uncle.

He got Congress to create a new Federal Farm Board, which helped farmers market their products at stable prices.

He later studied at the Harvard Business School and was awarded a Master of Business Administration with distinction before winning a fellowship from the Daniel Guggenheim Fund to study aviation economics. The family lived near Stanford University while he was growing up, and he took great pride in serving as water boy for the Stanford Indians football team.

Jesse Hoover, who was of German-Swiss descent, was a blacksmith, and farm implement dealer. He signed the congressional resolution that made the Star Spangled Banner the national anthem of the United States. When Hoover left office in Marchnearly the entire United States economy was paralyzed.

Believing that management and labor must cooperate for the good of all, he favored collective bargaining though not the closed shopworked behind the scenes to resolve labor disputes, and encouraged development of privately financed unemployment insurance. Hoover refused to respond with economic sanctions.

Hoover transformed the Commerce Department into an effective instrument for implementing his philosophy -individualism, equal opportunity for all.Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States who served from to This biography of Herbert Hoover provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timelineSpouse: Lou Henry Hoover.

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The Best Biographies of Herbert Hoover

Information about Herbert Hoover in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. The Best Biographies of Herbert Hoover. 07 Sunday Feb Posted by Steve in Best Biographies, President #31 Best Biography of Herbert Hoover: But it was quite short and punchy, so for anyone looking to maximize efficiency it provided a good balance between detail and length.

Herbert Hoover's Presidency Hoover's presidency and legacy will forever be defined by the stock market crash of that occurred just a few short months after he took the office.


The day is called Black Thursday. Herbert Hoover 31st United States President «Previous Next» In office Mar. 4, – Mar. 4, V.

Herbert Hoover Jr.

President Charles Curtis Political Party Republican Personal Info Born Aug. 10, Died Oct. 20, (at age 90) Religion Quaker School George Fox University Stanford University Profession Mining engineer Civil engineer Businessperson. He was named for his father, Herbert, and his maternal grandfather, Charles Delano Henry, but throughout his life was known as Herbert Hoover Jr.

His father, an engineer, was in London working for Bewick, Moreing & Co. By the age of two, Herbert Jr. had been round the world twice.

Short biography herbert hoover
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