Shayla smith complaint

The damages and losses sustained by the Plaintiff were directly and proximately caused by the negligence in carelessness of the Defendant in one or more of the following ways: The memo will be based primarily on the facts given in the fact scenario first introduced in Unit 1 and on your own impression of the case.

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That judgment be entered against the Defendants; 2. Paragraphs 1 through 4 of Count One are incorporated as Paragraphs 1 through 4 of Count Three as if fully set forth herein. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Who was supervising Shayla and Tamara? He allowed and permitted an unreasonably dangerous, hazardous and unsafe condition to result in an injury by the lack of supervision; b.

Injury to her arm; and 3.

Injury to her arm; and If you believe you will need additional facts, you should create a section in the memo that describes the other information you will need. She was articulate but talked a little loudly. They failed to provide adequate security to ensure the safety of the park; and f.

As a result of the aforesaid negligence and carelessness of the Defendant, the Plaintiff suffered the following personal injuries, some or all of which may be permanent in nature: However, she did not bring in any documentation though we had requested her medical bills, etc.

Mary does not have any kind of insurance. How deep and large is it? What is the layout of the pool? She has a full head of dark brown hair worn at shoulder length.

Shayla Smith

Mary is a secretary in a small insurance agency and is dressed professionally in a black suit. On or about August 16,Mr. She failed to use reasonable care to supervise the Plaintiff during her time that he was caring for her; c.

On or about August 16,Tamara Jones and Shayla Smith decided to jump into the pool whereas Tamara saved Shayla by jumping in the pool to pull Shayla Smith out once she realized that Shayla had sustained the Injury.

She failed and neglected to provide for substitute care for the Plaintiff when he was unable to watch her, d.View Notes - KJackson_PA_Unit_5___COMPLAINT from PA at Kaplan University. Katrina Jackson PA Unit 5 (Complaint) COMPLAINT _ Mary Smith (Plaintiff), vs.

O&D Campgrounds (Defendant), Bob.

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Smith punched and choked his girlfriend in a Hardee's parking lot Aug. 24, leaving the victim with a swollen arm, scrapes, bruising and a fractured thumb, according to the complaint. Matthew Docken. Complaint & Response; Toll-Free Ethics Helpline for Lawyers; Find a Lawyer.

Advanced search. Find a Lawyer ← Back to Search Results. Ms. Shayla LaNiece Marshall Smith. Eligible to Practice in Texas Carrigan & Smith PLLC. Bar Card Number: TX License Date: 05/05/ in the superior district court for the connecticut district of kampoo division 12 return date: august 30, superior court shayla smith, a minor child and mary smith n/o/f.

Summer Swimming Incident Shayla Smith stayed a few nights of summer vacation with her friend, Tamara, whose Mom and Dad, Bob and Susan Tuttle, took Shayla and their daughter, Tamara, camping.

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Shayla smith complaint
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