Rfid security thesis

Therefore, Item-level identification is required to ensure the right parts are installed to the specific models. According to statistics, an average car is composed of 30, parts. For outbound logistics, RFID provides a more efficient way to move cars.

RFID acts as a type of business radar that detects any errors and ensures the right part is always in the right place. With this RFID security system, thefts have largely been reduced. The distribution is very complex and supply chain costs increase year after year.

Automotive part suppliers At the supplier level, RFID proves beneficial as it may identify counterfeit automotive parts and reduce inventory inaccuracy. With RFID technology, both supplier and manufacturer are able to know exactly where the automotive parts are in moving process.

By accurately knowing detailed on-shelf inventory, suppliers are able to do timely replenishment if the product is out of stock, as well as reducing the cost of carrying excess inventory.

Car manufacturers are able to manage preproduction process more efficiently. The RFID tag is attached to each vehicle, which records all the detailed information, such as car serial number, body type, chassis number, engine number, car color, date of manufacture, etc.

Across all levels of the automotive supply chain, thefts are everywhere.

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Conclusion RFID technology is an innovative solution for the automotive industry. The tag becomes inoperable and will send an alert if the thief attempts to remove it from the key. The system includes four components: Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

By adopting RFID, each part is attached with a tag which stores identification details and final assembly information. RFID can simplify such customization.

Then, with the authentic key, he later drives the car into an arranged truck and quickly disappears. If the RFID reader can read the tags from the assembly and the parts on the assembly line, then it means all the parts are fitted correctly. Logistics providers At the level of logistics providers, RFID provides real-time moving process and automates data capture.

A customer can configure his own BMW by selecting the color, body style, engine model, tire specification, etc. The RFID solution has successfully captured counterfeit parts, as well as reduced lawsuits between suppliers and manufacturers.RFID Based Security and Access Control System Umar Farooq, Mahmood ul Hasan, Muhammad Amar, Athar Hanif, and Muhammad Usman Asad.

Fig. 1. Basic RFID system.

improve the security of RFID access control. SYSTEM COMPONENTS A. RFID Tag IPC80 passive RFID tag operating at a frequency of.

University of Wollongong Research Online Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences - Honours Theses University of Wollongong Thesis Collections. Outline 1 Context RFID hardware The privacy problem Authentication in RFIDs 2 Ad-hoc protocols ProbIP EProbIP 3 Stream ciphers in RFIDs Analysing stream ciphers with SAT solvers Adapting SAT solvers to stream ciphers.

This thesis aims to create a secure and practical RFID security framework, particularly on providing an adequate privacy model and an adversary model for RFID applications where an authentication protocol for RFID tag is required.

tecnología RFID ofrece numerosas ventajas frente a otros sistemas de iden- tificación, su uso lleva asociados riesgos de seguridad, los cuales no son fáciles de resolver.

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to uniquely identify items. RFID interrogator (reader) generates electromagnetic waves and activates the RFID tag. The interrogator converts the radio waves into digital information and sends to middle ware computer (Controller) to analyze the data [1].

Rfid security thesis
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