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Module 1-Case The Principles of Coaching

Good communication skills are important as coaching is a two way process — it is essential to be able to interpret what you are listening to and to be able to reflect back in a way that is positive and meaningful to the person being coached.

Destructive feedback — this is predominantly critical.

Principles of coaching and practice in sport - Essay Example

This can be a friend, a colleague, or a co-worker. Positive feedback is extremely important as it lets people know they are doing things right and encourages them to continue. It helps strengthen inter-team relationships and ultimately helps the team perform at its highest potential.

The final principle I wold instill within my athletes is the importance of self-confidence.

Essay, Coaching Philosophy 95%.

Negative feedback — this involves commenting on problems and areas for improvement. An example of this in my workplace would be when we have a student nurse on placement — as trained nurses it is our duty to show the student how to undertake basic nursing tasks and give them the confidence to be able to do these tasks on their own, with us acting as a support structure.

I also would place significant emphasis on the importance of respect from each of the players towards their teammates, coaching staff, opposing teams, and on-ice officials of each game.

Although the case assignments involve a coaching experience, the focus is on YOU as the coach. It is equally important but needs to be given in a way, which will lead to improvement and increase commitment. This relationship will usually have a set duration and is generally quite structured in nature, with an outcome focusing on achieving a specific, immediate goal.

Listening whilst acting as a coach is more important that talking, as when you listen, people can be helped to overcome fears and be given your undivided attention.

I feel that it is imperative that me as the coach set the guidelines and structure of how things will be carried out and Principles of coaching essay our final end goal will consist of as a team. The coachee should be made aware of what information will be shared with other parties, as part of this contract, then it is up to them to decide if this sharing of information is permitted.

On the whole there will be greater clarity in roles and objectives and an improvement in specific skills and behaviour from each of the individuals, and the organisation should see an increase in the motivation of the staff, as it will be demonstrating a commitment to staff as individuals and their own development within the organisation.

In the context of the players I would emphasize the importance of consistency and commitment within all domains, whether it be training, their nutritional habits, being on time, team communication etc.

You will be learning how to prepare for a coaching session, what questions you should ask, what behaviors are most effective. Such an attribute can have significant effects in respect to evolving and developing as an athlete because as you are placed in front of barriers within the context of the sport, you persevere with your capabilities and generate a greater degree of selfconfidence and are more apt to challenge yourself with something slightly more difficult.

Establishing confidence within our capabilities further aids me and my coaching staff to make tough game-time decisions and further allows the players to make quick effective decisions while performing.

Constructive feedback — this includes both positive and negative feedback.Before Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management session with Kulbir Basra in London School and Business and Finance: Mentoring is a process which starts from only house and surrounding in the universe.

Coaching is a process for players with high efficiency or talent. The essay " Principles of coaching and practice in sport" examines the coaching to involves a wide range of knowledge that encompasses sports physiology and the latest research on training enhancements.

Coaching is a multi- disciplinary science, enabling the production of a strategy to enhance performance through co-ordinating contributing factors effectively. The coach is required to develop an athlete's physical, technical and tactical skills. Essay on Ethics in Coaching - Ethics in Coaching The International Association of Coaching’s (IAC) ethical principles and the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) code of ethics both provide a framework of ethical standards for professional coaches.

A Personal Reflective Commentary on a Coaching Workshop, Identifying Coaching Theory and Using Personal Observation and Knowledge In the Application of Coaching I undertook the UKDBA Level 1 Coaching Course. The second section of this research essay will discuss the benefits of utilizing positive psychology principles within the coaching relationship.

This essay will show how positive psychology gives coaches a sound theoretical background based on solid research.

Principles of coaching essay
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