P2 money spent by the government

These expenses are, however, only partial and, as such, do not sum up to the P, Of course, the P2 billion would be an additional revenue to Smartmatic. Hmm…I may be on to something here.

If we revert to controlled manual elections as some advanced countries have done, we could possibly use those grand losses for the next 15 to 20 national elections. Even during the government shutdownthey spend non-existent money on crazy things. After all, he said De la Serna is wearing two hats: I can think of a few ways to use that many vacant buildings.

The order says the agency could save by limiting travel expenses and other expenditures. It provides for the following: Department of Agriculture gave money to the University of New Hampshire to study methane gas emissions from dairy cows.

So during that time, as president di siya present dito pero as board member, she was able to attend the board meeting at certified yun by corporate secretary," he added.

View Cartoon In your household, as with government, spending more than what you bring in means you must borrow the money and live on credit. Rappler repeatedly tried to get the side of De la Serna but was told on Wednesday she could not yet give an official statement.

COA orders Binays to refund P29B spent for Makati Parking Bldg.

Take Control of Your Time. These were clinics, established by a network of criminal gangs, that never actually existed.

Second, there is no PhilHealth policy that allows her to just stay at any hotel. Under COA audit services, the issuance of an ND is intended for the "disapproval in audit of a transaction, either in whole or in part of being illegal, irregular, unnecessary, excessive, extravagant, or unconscionable expenditure.

It remains unclear if the resolution could serve as enough legal basis for what the COA referred to as "irregular" travel allowances. Because she is an interim president, she can be removed by the Board anytime, no one-year term required. Minimize local travels unless said travels are very urgent and necessary to present assignment.

Had they started using the eNGAS then, auditing their financial performance would be very easy. In addition, if the VCMs are returned, they must think about maintenance, warehousing and selling them.

They may have been fake clinics, but the government paid out real money and a lot of it. Census Bureau bought a 30 second spot to air a commercial that was terribly produced. The following week — from June 2 to June 10 — she transferred to Legend Villas in Pioneer, Mandaluyong, with her hotel bill amounting to P30, There is a maximum amount allowed.

Those who are accountable must pay; maybe not during their lifetime, but on judgment day. COA said it was the same thing for the committee hearings and added there was missing confirmation from De la Serna that she completely and clearly heard the meeting during the video conference, as required by government rules.

We laugh to keep from crying, right? Yet the data shows that she attended meetings via video conference while in the hospital and got paid for them. Across the country, we struggle with the lack of jobs, are worried about the national debt and want government to stop spending irresponsibly.

For the unused automated counting machines inthe interest of P1. Have you heard of it? Our tax dollars went to researchers at the University of California at Irvine to fund screen time on video games such as World of Warcraft. So during that time, she was not able to attend as president but as board member, she was able to attend the board meeting and that was certified by the corporate secretary.

A transaction which fails to follow or violates appropriate rules of procedure, is likewise irregular," auditors said.

COA orders DOT to pay for Wanda Teo’s P5-M Duty Free spending

In fact, it was so terribly produced that the commercial was banned after it aired, leaving most of its viewers completely uncertain of its meaning.The U.S.

government does a great job of spending money on some of the stupidest, craziest and most unique things you’ve ever heard of. Even during the government shutdown, they spend non-existent money on crazy things. In your household, as with government, spending more than what you bring in means you must borrow the money and live on credit.

That young mother of four has a budget and told me about the tough. The federal government spends money in several other areas as well. For example, it sends money to the states to fund various programs and gives cash benefits to the unemployed. Then there is earmark or "pork" spending, spending that benefits the residents of a particular congressman’s district but that has tenuous benefits, if any, for.

Jude de la Serna has spent at least P, of government funds for her accommodations, flights to and from Tagbilaran, and terminal fees, according to the Commission on Audit (COA) and.

Binays should return PB spent on Makati parking building project, says govt audit agency 0. A Notice of Disallowance means the money the Binays allegedly spent on the project would have to be returned to the government. is the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines.

COA orders Binays to refund PB spent for Makati Parking Bldg. to return to the government the sum of P billion in public funds spent for the construction and design of the allegedly.

P2 money spent by the government
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