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The unusual structure of Mules and Men indicates that this book is not a fictional narrative but rather a collection of folklore written in a narrative form. Characterizations of Hurston respond to these contradictions and cast her in disparate roles.

Throughout her life she lied about her age, her place of birth, and often times her identity. The rest of this site is devoted to providing various readings of Mules and Men through a variety of different prisms.

During the past twenty years numerous critics and scholars have gone, as Alice Walker famously did, "Looking For Zora," and though they sucessfully recovered her voice and have discovered much about her life and work, no one has definitively found her. By playing the role of the bootlegger in Polk County, and the Hoodoo initiate in New Orleans, Hurston becomes an intextricable part of the performances that she seeks to record.

More than anything Zora Neale Hurston was the worlds greatest liar and her own duplicity explains why for so long she was lost to us. Townspeople look to the folktales to impart wisdom to their own lives III. Other disputes centered on questions of genre. Indicates that slavery is still in the mind of the African American 3.

Importance of the narrative sections and folklore sections A. The folkstories are necessary to the narrative B. Structures of Address in Zora Neale Hurston" have built upon the conclusions drawn by Hemenway, Gates, and Walker in order to further complexify thier reading of Mules and Men.

Directly reflects the structure of power in society 2. In an age of African American literature when black artists were encouraged to "put their best foot forward" in the form of acceptable, middle class characters Hurston squarely defined that best foot as belonging to the lower classes of blacks from which came the blues, jazz, folktales and folk songs.

Once enough folklore is collected, the narrative can be set aside IV. As one of the highly touted "New Negro Artists" of the Harlem Renaissance, Hurston was welcomed to the literary world with awards, Guggenheim Fellowships, and book contracts.

The importance of villains in folktales A. The narrative sections, by contrast, exist mostly for the folktales and are not dramatic enough to be read outside of the context of narrative as part of a folklore collection 1.

Is this a narrative with a few folktales, or a folktale collection with a narrative subplot? Its time we put her here. Compare and contrast the importance of the narrative sections and the folklore sections.

What qualities can you identify as typical of a folk hero, and what makes these characters so popular in Mules and Men? Folklore stories are used to complement the events of the narrative IV.

As Brock explained "In this book a young Negro woman with a college education has invited the outside world to listen in while her own people are being as natural as they can never be when white folks are literally present" Gannett.

When she died in a welfare home she was buried in an unmarked grave and many of her precious papers destroyed.

The initial frame provided by the text is the preface written by Franz Boas. Strength of spirit 1. Even black critics who positively reviewed the text failed to uncover a politically or sexually subversive philosophy inside it.

In her hometown of Eatonville, Hurston was brought up in a culture in which lying, i.

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But more than provide an optimistic account of the lives of working class southern blacks, Mules and Men argues for the re-evaluation of the black folk aesthetic on its own terms. She cloaked herself in the garbs of the many different identites that she created for herself and recounted in her work.

Use of folklore in Mules and Men A. Hurston casts her herself in many roles as she endeavors to find herself by returning home to Eatonville and becoming immersed in the culture of lies that as a child she failed to appreciate.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Mules and Men study guide and get instant access to the following: Hurston faded further into obscurity. In this construction the tales of Mules and Men can be read as signifying both "a uniqueness of race spirit because they were a code of communication -intraracial propaganda-that would protect the race from the psychological encroachments of racism and the physical oppression of society" and "proof of the psychic health" of southern blacks in the face of this oppression Hemenway p.

Starting off in the first by calling you a seven-sided son-of-a-bitch, and pausing to name the sides, they proceed to "specify" until the tip-top branch of your family tree has been "given a reading. InRobert Hemenway, while writing an article that required "accurate material on voodoo practices," acquired Mules and Men.

For the most part white reviewers viewed the book as a portal through which they could venture into the life of southern blacks.Mules and Men testifies to Hurston's belief that "folk were creating an art that didn't need the sanction of art to affirm its beauty"(Hemenway 54).

Mules and Men is still a complex and controversial text today because, as Barbara Johnson states, it "is a book with multiple frames"(Johnson p.

66). Mules and Men is partly an anthology of folktales and the common theme of the "Stranger" in a community is seen throughout. An interesting comment regarding strangers comes in the introduction.

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Home Essays Mules and Men. Mules and Men. Topics: Narrative She gave the title Mules and Men a depiction of comparison of African Americans in the South(niggers) to mules. The mule is a work horse that is not used for speed, but known for eats weak minds and strong back. Hurston brings a clear view of the strong minds that enable this.

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men Sanders knew of was single phase pwm rectifier thesis that of "warriors. Like all of Hurston's texts critics have read Mules and Men in a wide variety of ways. Critical responses have ranged from Alice Walker's claim that Mules and Men "was this perfect book" to Sterling Brown's accusation that Hurston's work lacked the necessary bitterness and hence consciousness of the "race problem" needed to accurately depict .

Mules and men thesis
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