Marketing plan empanadas

In the process, he came to understand that Marketing plan empanadas had a huge gap in his background: And it was likely that the recipes favored in Argentina might not go over well in the U. Most participants recognized the food; that meant Rezk at least knew he could use the word in the name of the product.

Growing the business ByRezk started getting calls from supermarkets all over the country asking to stock his empanadas. His first call and first sale was to a Brooklyn food co-op. His requirements were for something no bigger than square feet, and it was almost impossible to find sites with the right size that could be used to sell food or were located in the high-traffic areas.

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Success in the U.S. – Creating the Great American Empanada

Soon after, Rezk paid a visit to a Whole Foods store in Manhattan. Rezk decided to change his business model. Second, the feedback and critiques he received from faculty proved to be critical in overcoming obstacles down the road.

For the next two years, Rezk took every course he could that was likely to build the knowledge necessary to launch his business, from accounting to marketing. Again, Rezk did his research and compiled a short list of top prospects in New York—supermarkets and co-ops that emphasized local, environmentally friendly foods.

Concentrate on what you do best, make your product, and outsource the retail end to the experts. There he struck up a conversation with a young man sweeping the floor. The thought occurred to Rezk: Rather than eating the empanadas on the go, customers were increasingly asking for them frozen so that they could take them home and reheat them.

Instead of just relying on the delicatessen-counter market, maybe he could tap into the much larger home food market. Rezk walked out of the store with his first order. And if the empanadas were baked, not fried, the meal would be a lot healthier, too. His first sales call was to a local deli near his apartment.

He knew nothing about business. Panada, is now poised for national expansion with a host of stores ready to sell his product. He was on the 7 subway train traveling from Queens to Times Square.His plan was to develop a franchisor network of small retail outlets that would sell empanadas made in a central bakery.

When Rezk found the perfect space for his bakery, he figured he was home free. He planned to fund himself with money from the sale of his house and savings he’d built up during his time as a tour guide until the business.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. El presente trabajo propone un Plan de Negocios para la comercialización de las empanadas Doña Clara.

Se trata de un negocio estructurado, cuya misión, visión, valores y filosofía se exponen. Marketing Plan "Empanada Especiale" Background of the Study Company Description Bernabest food products.


Pichardo Table of Contents Page 1. Description 3 2. Critical Success Factors for My Marketing Plan 3 Mission. Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Marketing plan empanadas
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