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This is not a total surprise: I first proposed this path in Augustand I still consider it to be among the best possibilities because of the excellent fit of the BTO and BFO data, and because of the simplicity of navigating in the direction of true south.

The previous search area is now generally recognized as too far south. Credibility is not possible without transparency. The first is an impact location near As shown in the figure above, there are warm spots that reach as far north as 27S latitude that are based on certain navigational inputs.

Victor Iannello February 16, at 8: The activities in the current area are likely related to activities that occurred when the AIS was disabled during the last swing.

Both comments and pings are currently closed. The drift models also favor an impact point further south than Jeffs last words essay. With the sparse and imprecise evidence we have, it is impossible to assign a high level of certainty to any impact site, as the satellite data and the Jeffs last words essay models allow a broad range of possibilities.

Another warm spot that should be searched during the current swing is based on a great circle path between waypoints BEDAX and the Jeffs last words essay Pole. However, for debris discovered on the beaches of Eastern Africa, there could have been a considerable delay between the time of discovery and the time of arrival near the shore, and this uncertainty reduces the accuracy of the drift models.

Subsequent swings will also require a stop in Fremantle for servicing. What activities occurred during these three days is not known. However, until Ocean Infinity gains more operational experience, it is difficult to predict what scan rates are realistically achievable.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Constructor is re-scanning areas that had poor quality or missing data either because of malfunctioning equipment or challenging terrain There are one or more promising points of interest that are under being comprehensively investigated A search is underway to locate equipment that was lost in the previous swing Some combination of the previous possibilities Whatever the reason for the unexplained behavior, it is noteworthy that there was no reference to the behavior in either of the last two weekly updates from Malaysia.

We should know soon whether or not these warm spots are completely eliminated. Of course, we have more debris now than we did at the start of the underwater search, so drift model results are better.

Unfortunately, all three of these locations have now been scanned with negative results.

Steve Jobs’ Last Words Were a Warning About the Pursuit of Wealth-Incorrectly Attributed!

After following the pattern of a 5-km circle, it retraced what we believe was part of a previous path of an AUV, and then disabled its AIS data, which made it impossible to remotely track. We think it is possible to identify a most likely location of the aircraft, with unprecedented precision and certainty.

Welcome to our discussion. Considering this low percentage, it should come as no surprise that the wreckage has not yet been found, and we are far from the point of re-thinking the search strategy.

If this episode was meticulously planned to make the aircraft disappear, why risk losing control for the sake of de-powering a few extra lights in the cabin, when the chances of being spotted let alone identified by another aircraft were extremely low?

This should make it the most accurate prediction. This probability will vary some depending on how far north the search reaches. David February 16, at 8: I persist with the scenario as a possibility because it is the only one I know of which leads to a plausible explanation for the later SDU repowering: When the AIS was eventually re-enabled three days later, Constructor had left the search area, and was traveling back to Fremantle.

This entry was posted on Friday, February 16th, at 7: Click on image to enlarge. Recent Activity After a short stop in Fremantle for to re-fuel, re-supply, and change crew, Seabed Constructor, operated by Ocean Infinity, is back searching for the wreckage of MH At the end of the last swing, Constructor returned to the outer leg of the primary search area, which had been previously scanned.


In a nutshell, although the previous search swing has eliminated some possibilities, we are still very early in the search process, and it is much too early to draw any conclusions. The search zone recommended in that study is generally consistent with the current search area, as well as many other drift models.

More recently, Bobby Ulich proposed a location near Considering that only 5, sq km of that area were scanned in the first swing, and assuming that there are equal probabilities within that total area, the probability of finding the debris field within the primary area would be about 4.Related Documents: Essay on lisa and jeff The Mona Lisa Essay The Mona Lisa, Why So Famous Xxxxx xxxxxxx Park University The Famous Mona Lisa Art has been around for thousands of years from the simple cave man drawings found around the world all the way through to today.

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