James kinneavy writing across the curriculum

Studied 8 faculty members at a large Midwestern state university, all of whom use writing in their courses. A Program for Cross- Disciplinary Cooperation. Summarizes a portfolio assessment project at Emporia State University. Discusses theoretical warrants for writing as a unique mode of learning as this idea is connected to WAC: New Directions in Graduate Studies.

Carson also stresses the importance of maintaining accurate records of all communication and events for the program; these records will allow you to create a history and fully evaluate the program.

A Brief Guide for Faculty. Historical and Polemical Essays, argue that this requirement should be abolished.

Biggest problems with student writing: From the ERIC database. Describes unique correspondences between writing and learning: Three Models of Instruction. Then reviews 36 research studies of writing to learn, finding mixed results of writing on retention and understanding of the written-about material later.

Students are asked to write about what they learn, thus enabling the teacher to gain insight into their progress and the motivations behind their choices in subject and medium. Bertch, Julie and Delryn R.

First-year composition

Administratively, a committee approach made of faculty from a variety of depts is suggested. Assignments tend to be frequent; certain types of assignments more frequent than others.

Fostering New Collaborations in Literacy. Lists approximately 48 articles, books, or issues of journals that deal with WAC. The Experience of a Faculty Seminar.A memorial ceremony celebrating the life of Professor Emeritus James L.

Kinneavy of The University of Texas at Austin will be held Aug. 27 from 4 p.m. to p.m. in the Jessen Auditorium in Rainey Hall on the University campus. Writing Across the Curriculum.

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Ackerman, John M. “Reading, Writing, and Knowing: The Role of Disciplinary Knowledge in Comprehension and Composing.”. Project-based writing let kids write in the ways they learn best.

These ideas for writing across the curriculum make writing practical and fun! IN MEMORIAM JAMES L. KINNEAVY James L.

78 Ideas for writing across the curriculum

Kinneavy, an unassuming giant of twentieth century rhetoric, high schools across the United States. The Texas Education Agency adopted his as did the State of Wisconsin. In appreciation for his help in shaping its writing curriculum, St.

Writing Across the Curriculum

Edward's University awarded Kinneavy an honorary. The very fact that writing across the curriculum resolves para- across the curriculum, in our reading of James Britton, James Kinneavy, Edward P. J. Corbett, and Mina Shaughnessy, did not see an opposition between expressivism and social construction.

Expressivismwriting to learnwas integrally related to learn. Kinneavy, James L. "Writing Across the Curriculum." Kirsch, Gesa.

"Writing Across the Curriculum: The Program at Third College, University of California, San Diego.".

James kinneavy writing across the curriculum
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