Infosys case analysis

It operates in a number of business sectors from banking to retail, and its services tend to encompass end-to-end IT solutions which includes a whole bundle of added-value solutions from infrastructure to software engineering. Business Today — 20 companies to watch in Disclaimer: Since these contracts are highly profitable and tend to run for long periods of time, Infosys is missing out on lucrative business.

Couple these two elementstogether and you have an operational basis that offers low-cost based, highly skilled competitive advantage.

This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public sources. The company has bases in 44 global development centres, most of which are located in India, although the company has offices in many developed and Infosys case analysis nations. It is sometimes argued that Infosys is weaker when it comes to high-end management consultancy, since it tends to work at the level of operational value creation.

View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on. Despite being a huge IT company in relation to its Indian competitors, Infosys is much smaller than its global competitors.

The Indian economy, despite weak economic indicators such as relatively high rates of inflation, has low labor costs. This means not only that Infosys is becoming a global brand but also that it has the capability to support the global operations of multinational clients.

The workforce has relatively high skills levels in Information Technology. Infosys is in a strong financial position. This means that it has the capital to expand, and also the basis to leverage potential investors. Strengths Since the company is based in India its competitive advantage is enhanced.

Competitors such as IBM and Accenture tend to dominate this space.

A Case Study on Infosys Technologies Ltd,

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Added to this is the fact that its competitors do well in terms of securing the same Federal business and one should also take into account that many of its competitors are domiciled in the US and there could be political pressure on the US Government to award contracts to domestic organizations.Achal Raghavan's case analysis (along with those from other authors) published in Vikalpa (the IIM Ahmedabad journal) in Oct-Dec Deals with the challenge.

A Case Study on Infosys Technologies Ltd, Results from my analysis indicated that the IT alignment at Infosys is at an optimum level. Among the main reasons for this achievement is the personal involvement of its founder and Chairman, Mr.

Narayana Murthy, in its IT-Business alignment efforts. CARREFOUR CASE ANALYSIS.

Infosys SWOT

A Case of INFOSYS Objectives of the Case Study The case study will be focusing on the analytical approach to understand the HR problems which cause dissatisfaction at work and at last results in employee attrition showing the signs of low morale, absenteeism, lesser involvement etc. INFOSYS CONSULTINGGroup 2 Amol Deherkar /46 Ankit Sukhija /46 Madhan Darwin /46 Overview of IT Services Industry y 5/5(2).

Infosys delivered a highly scalable solution. Data warehousing solution for one of Europe's largest financial services groups The client sought a business intelligence solution to consolidate the mortgage administration processes, provide better sales cycle management, mortgage product performance analysis, financial forecasting based on.

Infosys has helped retail companies worldwide reduce losses, win customers & achieve IT process standardization. Read our success stories now.

Infosys case analysis
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