Implementation of grammar in clt

Current Status and Future Prospects. Students are asked to listen to the conversation on tape or CD twice without looking at the twice to answer the questions. Many researchers show that, under the right conditions, strategy instruction can be effective Chamot,p.

During the course, the strategy instruction should be Implementation of grammar in clt with daily lessons rather than be provided separately.

On the first day, the teacher can let students finish a task and then discuss learning strategy. Communicative lanuage teaching for the twenty-first century. Students can be asked to do a grammar exercise at this stage or to do it at home as homework.

Although Vietnamese students may be used to the grammar-translation, they can become more active and successful language learners in communicative classes, given that teachers know how to familiarise them with CLT. The challenge met by Vietnamese teachers is to create an active English learning environment in beginner level classes since students are low proficient learners.

ELT Journal, 50 3 However, knowing how to familiarise students with CLT, understanding basic tenets and principles underpinning CLT, Vietnamese teachers of English can make a gradual transition from traditional methods to CLT.

Therefore, discussions about the difference between L1 and L2 should be carried out in the class so that students can be more aware of interpreting from L2 to L1 and vice versa.

Cookcited in Spada,pp. Some researchers viewed the L1 as a negative influence and even interference in the L2 development Spada,p. Second, the teacher discusses learning strategies that students need to know to achieve the goal of language learning in communicative classes.

Do Asian students really want to listen and obey. First, teachers should establish a safe learning environment and balance between explicit and implicit feedback on learner error. Having gained valuable experience from beginner level classes, this writer suggests two things teachers can do to create such environment.

Since CLT was introduced in the late s, there have been many discussions about application of CLT to second and language instruction Spada,p. Therefore, teachers should teach students basic words used for instructions to do activities in the class.

How culturally appropriate is the communicative approach. The type of error correction in CLT should be implicit and indirect and not interfere with communication. Communicative needs in foreign in language learning. ELT Journal, 56 2 The use of L2 should not be seen as good device for saving time for other useful activities or for making life easier for teachers and learners Harbord,p.

Assumptions and beliefs underpinning the communicative approach. First, the teacher informs teaching approach and the goals the students should achieve at the beginning of the class. Teachers should not be too concerned that group works interaction would lead to more errors than teacher-fronted instruction Spada,p.

In The practice of English language teaching pp. Teachers can also assign students a translation homework check their understanding. This means the classroom should be an English-only environment Harmer,pp. Moreover, for beginning level students, it is suggested that teachers should teach students how to use dictionary and vocabulary notebook effectively so that they can prepare new words for the next lessons from word lists given by teachers from the previous lessons.

When teaching beginner level classes, this writer found that teachers should focus on form with a number of appropriate words and phrases so that students will be more confident to interact with their peers.

In brief, if Vietnamese teachers of English familiarise students with CLT at the very beginning of the class, both teachers and students can make CLT happen.relationship between communicative competence and language learning strategies has been reported.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate implementation of a CLT approach in teaching English in Pakistani schools and colleges at a higher secondary level where the Grammar Translation Method (GTM) has been used for long. IMPLEMENTATION OF COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING ACROSS SIX FOREIGN LANGUAGES A dissertation submitted to Kent State University College of.

KEYWORDS: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), English as Foreign Language (EFL), English as Second Language (ESL), English Language Teaching (ELT), Grammar Translation Method (GTM) INTRODUCTION English is one of the major languages in the world.

The exporting of English began in the seventeenth century. The idea of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) has been expanded since the mid s. CLT was also greatly influenced by the early version of Long’s (a, b, ) Interaction Hypothe-sis.

Since then, second language (L2) instructors have been encouraged to employ communicative tions and implementation of grammar instruction. CLT has been widely explored and studied by many researchers in the field of English language teaching.

There have been many studies conducted on the use of CLT in EFL settings. However, there are only few studies in number that specifically deal with CLT and its implementation in the Turkish context.

learners, which implies the fluency strand is concerned in communicative language teaching, hence Richards () argued one of the goals of CLT is to develop fluency in language use. To sum up, these are the key principles of the CLT approach.

Implementation of grammar in clt
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