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Overall this lens shows very little vignetting. The Sigma Dock is worth its price for this feature alone. Early in my photography career, third party lenses were decent alternatives for a lower cost option, but my own experience was that the cost savings also Hsm week 2 at a cost in performance.

The Sigma costs more in this case, but the needs an extender to get out close to mm. Photo courtesy of Sigma. The Sigma is not alone as most lenses in this class have low MM specs. In my opinion, one of the best developments to happen in photography recently is the stepped-up offerings of third party lens manufacturers.

With the OS "S", that difference has been very significantly reduced. I know, these three mm lens names are confusing to me also. As shown in the sample photos shared above, the OS can deliver a strong background blur and the quality of that blur termed "bokeh" appears to be very nice.

This helps to ensure the composition of images quickly. Most are going to be happier using this lens mounted to a monopod or tripod when shooting events - and these supports can limit event and portrait shooting flexibility. Out of the box, the lens is fairly sizable This eliminated any harsh shadows to contend with, but made the handheld exposure more challenging.

The zoom range adds a great dimension the mm or mm fixed lenses do not have available to them. The outer barrel does have a bit of plastic feel to it, but the brass mount and considerable heft, assuage any fears of cheap build quality.

It is completely applicable to the OS "S" lens as well and shows the benefit of having a focal length range in a sports lens. Their response indicated that the faster setting comes with a "slight risk of decrease in accuracy". This is the lens I am reviewing here and this is the one you want.

While I have a set of mm filters, my adapter would not fit the lens, and other manufacturers had yet to build an adapter that works.

The narrower angle of view means that subject details will cross more sensor pixels with the same amount of movement as when using a wider angle lens. The front element does not rotate with focusing. Color and contrast are excellent as well. Hang with me on this: I usually have a new lens run through my standardized testing procedures before using it for a real world application of any importance, but My one disappointment with the lens is the bulbous front element, which eliminates the ability to use either screw-in filters such as polarizers, or the smaller mm drop-in filters.

Or, I would have had one nasty mm panorama to stitch together. At mm, this lens is nearly distortion-free. Subjects remain essentially the same size as they go in and out of focus. Sharpness throughout the scene was excellent, with minimal distortion and loss of resolution at the corners.

While the lack of filters meant I had some difficult choices to make when photographing the sunset, I was anxious to use the wide angle lens to accentuate the foreground and the sky.

The mm daisy samples shown above were shot at near-MFD for this lens. Zoom lenses usually have barrel distortion at the wide end and pincushion distortion at the long end.Ashford HSM Week 2 Discussion 1.

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Sigma 120-300mm f/8 DG OS HSM Sports Lens Review

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Ashford ECE Week 2 Discussion 2 Menu Planning for Special Considerations. The Sigma mm f/ DG OS HSM Sports Lens is a physically beautiful lens that delivers also-beautiful image quality even with a wide open aperture.

Ashford OMM Week 6 Discussion 2 Financial Analysis. Optical system delivering unsurpassed F performance Exceptional peripheral brightness Dust and splash-proof structure Compatible with.

Lens Review: Sigma 20mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens

HSM Week 2 Assignment Outline of Final Paper.

Hsm week 2
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