Geographical historical and cultural characteristics of the peoples republic of bangladesh

The inscriptional evidences show that his kingdom was extended up to the present-day Comilla - Noakhali - Chittagong region. Numerous temporary marketplaces of different sizes called hat operate in the big cities for sale of Qurbani animals usually cows, goats and sheep.

There are more than 50 political parties. Some Hindu sculptors produce brightly painted works depicting Durga and other deities. The elections were held on 7 Decemberand Pakistanis voted directly for members of the National Assembly.

Candles are lit in and around homes. Money and food is donated to the poor. They more or less follow Western Culture and Methods. Nonviolent disputes over property or rights may be decided through village councils panchayat headed by the most respected heads of the strongest kinship groups.

The movement spread to the whole of East Pakistan and the whole province came to a standstill. This movement is thought to have sown the seeds for the independence movement which resulted in the liberation of Bangladesh in Usually on Poila Boishakh, the home is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes.

It is considered improper for a visitor to sit on the floor or ground. Daughters may receive produce and gifts from their brothers when they visit as "compensation" for their lack of an inheritance.

Culture of Bangladesh

Winds are mostly from the north and northeast in winter, blowing gently in northern and central areas and somewhat more aggressively near the coast.

See Article History Alternative Titles: Bijoy Dibosh, or Victory Day 16 Decembercommemorates the day in when Pakistani forces surrendered to a joint Bangladeshi—Indian force.

One spectacular example of such a change occurred inwhen the Tista River underwent exceptionally high flooding; its waters were suddenly diverted eastward, where they reinforced the Brahmaputra. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space Bangladesh is still primarily a rural culture, and the gram or village is an important spatial and cultural concept even for residents of the major cities.

The body is to be placed on a pyre and cremated, and the ashes are thrown into the river. However, the west and east wings of Pakistan were separated by more than 1, miles of India, creating cultural discontinuity between the two wings. A nationally run system of public hospitals provides free service.

Almost all traditional dancers are women. Bangladeshis then East Pakistanis were initially agitated by a decision by the Central Pakistan Government to establish Urdu, a minority language spoken only by the supposed elite class of West Pakistan, as the sole national language for all of Pakistan.

History & Culture

Bangladesh has been characterized as a nation of small, subsistence-based farmers, and nearly all people in rural areas are involved in the production or processing of agricultural goods. The average farm owner has less than three acres of land divided into a number of small plots scattered in different directions from the household.

Shashankaa vassal of the last Gupta Emperor proclaimed independence and unified the smaller principalities of Bengal Gaur, Vanga, Samatata.

Best known are the works of the two poet—heroes of the region: In north-central Bangladesh, east of the Jamuna floodplains, is the Madhupur Tract.

Gold jewelry indicates a high social standing among women. The Buddhist dynasty lasted for four centuries — and ushered in a period of stability and prosperity in Bengal.

Land Bangladesh is bordered by the Indian states of West Bengal to the west and north, Assam to the north, Meghalaya to the north and northeast, and Tripura and Mizoram to the east. Except for small higher areas of jungle-covered old alluvium rising to about feet [30 metres] in the northwest and north-centre—in the Barind and the Madhupur Tractrespectively—the plain is a flat surface of recent alluvium, having a gentle slope and an elevation of generally less than 30 feet 9 metres above sea level.Cultural and socio-economic factors in health, indigenous people in Bangladesh shows that distinctive geographic location and long distance Republic, regardless of age, and particularly for men and boys (Ohenjo et al.

). Study. People's Republic of China Is Established. By earlythe Cultural Revolution had succeeded in bolstering Mao's position as China's paramount leader. President Nixon's Visit to China Establishes New Relations.

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History of Cultural Diversity in the. Geography and History of India Learn About India's Worldwide Significance.

Share Flipboard Email India, formally called the Republic of India, is the country that occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in southern Asia. Turkish and Mongol peoples entered India and ina Mongol Empire was established there.

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History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is still primarily a rural culture, and the gram or village is an important spatial and cultural concept even for residents of the major cities. Most people identify with a natal or ancestral village in the countryside.

Geographical historical and cultural characteristics of the peoples republic of bangladesh
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