First love by ivan turgenev

The young princess did not answer her mother. My watchfulness did not see beyond the end of my nose, and its secrecy probably deceived no one; any way, Doctor Lushin soon saw through me. The lightning never ceased for an instant; it was what is called among the peasants a sparrow night.

At the time, however, all this went in at one ear and out at the other. Rudin — NakanuneEnglish translation: I sat there; over my head a little bird was busily hopping about in the darkness of the leaves; a grey cat, stretching herself at full length, crept warily about the garden, and the first beetles were heavily droning in the air, which was still clear, though it was not light.

The story tells a tale of a deaf and mute peasant who is forced to drown the only thing in the world which brings him happiness, his dog Mumu.

The young princess had not come home from a walk, and the shrill voice of the old princess could be heard within; she was scolding the maid. I was among them. There was left in the room only the master of the house and Sergei Nikolaevitch and Vladimir Petrovitch.

She caught sight of me, stopped, and pushing back the brim of her straw hat, she raised her velvety eyes to me. Do you know what? My father was always irreproachably dressed, simple and in a style of his own; but his figure had never struck me as more graceful, never had his grey hat sat more becomingly on his curls, which were scarcely perceptibly thinner than they had once been.

She went up to the window. She could not help respecting him, but made him smart for it, and at times, with a peculiar, malignant pleasure, made him feel that he too was at her mercy.

When Turgenev was 19, while traveling on a steamboat in Germany, the boat caught fire and Turgenev reacted in a cowardly manner. Others condemned the impropriety of that subject matter, namely a father and son in love with the same woman and a young woman who was the mistress of a married man.

But others only say what they would do, while I have done it. The intensity of passion and oblivion in small doses. I sat still, hardly looking round and not moving, drew slow breaths, and only from time to time laughed silently at some recollection, or turned cold within at the thought that I was in love, that this was she, that this was love.

This expedition turned out unsuccessful, however, and even led to an unpleasant experience for Malevsky; he was reminded of some scandal to do with certain officers of the engineers, and was forced in his explanations to plead his youth and inexperience at the time.

First Love

She rarely came to see us, and I was not sorry for it; in our house she was transformed into a young lady, a young princess, and I was a little overawed by her. But it seems one can, if one loves. She surrounded her sons with foreign governesses; thus Ivan became fluent in French, German, and English.

Both rejected extremist right and left political views, and carried a nonjudgmental, although rather pessimistic, view of the world. She is tall and graceful; she has a little gold diadem on her black hair.

I must have a horse for tomorrow. It was a lovely day, bright and not too hot, a fresh sportive breeze roved over the earth with temperate rustle and frolic, setting all things a-flutter and harassing nothing. I fancied her face at a curtain, and I hurried away in alarm.

In the tragic and devastatingly succinct closing two chapters, Vladimir secretly observes a final meeting between Pyotr and Zinaida at the window of her house in which his father strikes her arm with a riding crop.

They were riding side by side. I looked for it and wanted to share it. I sat up and looked at the window.First Love has 7, ratings and reviews.

Dolors said: This short story explores the complexity of love, its raptures and tormenting effects on the h /5.

Ivan Turgenev

Ivan Turgenev’s First Love opens with a brief scene in which three apparently prosperous Russian gentlemen of the ’s propose to amuse themselves by. 26 quotes from First Love: ‘O youth! youth! you go your way heedless, uncaring – as if you owned all the treasures of the world; even grief elates you, e.

First Love (Russian: Первая любовь, Pervaya ljubov) is a novella by Ivan Turgenev, first published in It is one of his most popular pieces of short fiction.

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It tells the love story between a year-old girl and a year-old boy. First Love [Ivan Turgenev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The guests at a party decide to tell each other about their first /5(10).

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The party had long ago broken up. The clock struck half-past twelve. There was left in the room only the master of the house and Sergei Nikolaevitch and Vladimir Petrovitch.

First love by ivan turgenev
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