Editorial writing about election 2013 comelec

Because of these problems with AES systems, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia and others—about 18 countries out of 30 that had adopted automated election systems—reverted to manual voting and counting.

Authorized by Comelec Resolution No. There must be some viable alternatives for the people to assure that we have a flourishing participatory democracy. Badilla started writing for various publications in November and stopped in December Some organizations also claim to represent the sick and the handicapped, but their representatives are neither ill nor handicapped and some of them come from well-known wealthy political families.

Based on the experience with the same technology adopted by Comelec during the last elections, AES pointed out that many problems and issues remain unresolved such as ballot rejections, transmission failures, inaccuracy of the vote count, election returns and certificates of canvass not editorial writing about election 2013 comelec signed as required by law, among others.

It was an issue-driven election unlike any other. So why are you the number one nominee? The Smartmatic AES does not. Selling, buying, or taking intoxicating liquor a day before and on election day is strictly prohibited.

Comelec in Iloilo ‘all set’ for COC filing

Smartmatic, being the lowest calculated bidder, will undergo a post-qualification evaluation. Also, one of the common issues during the election period is vote buying and vote selling.

Nominee from Corinthian Kontra Daya also cited 1-AsalPartylist, a group that claims to represent the urban poor but not one of its first three nominees is a squatter in any slum in Metro Manila.

The barangay SK chairpersons in a city or municipality elect amongst themselves a president that will sit as an ex officio member of the city or municipal council.

So far, the Comelec has held plebiscites only for the purpose of ratifying the creation of new barangays and conversion of municipalities into cities. Today, the Philippines has a population of more than million. A referendum is passed if it is approved by a majority of the votes cast; a defeat means the law sought to be rejected or amended remains to be in full effect.

There were also instances when the PCOS machines just did not transmit the results. They should therefore know their duties like the back of their hands to ensure that there will be no glitches come election day. Brillantes said the Comelec would release the complete list of qualified party-list groups by the end of the month ahead of the five-day period allotted for the filing of certificates of candidacy COCswhich starts Oct.

Abot Tanaw representative Dante Guevarra, former president of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, sat there for 30 minutes, answering questions that also touched on the controversy surrounding his organization. The city if applicable and municipal SK presidents then elect amongst themselves a president that will sit in the provincial board as an ex officio member.

COMELEC strictly implements the gun ban as early as September to prevent election related killings and to maintain the peace and order. Banzuela doubts that the information presented in the campaign materials are sufficient for the voters to know the platform or programs that a certain candidate plans to implement.

Comelec chair: Party-list system a joke

Yet, the Comelec and its critics keep on missing the point: Review of the source code was never allowed. The next elections were scheduled in Octoberbut were postponed by a law approved and passed by Congress as requested by President Duterte. The Constitution does not clearly define the two concepts and also does not lay down the qualifications for party-list nominees, Sarmiento said.

During the Spanish era, there was no elected or appointed national legislature representing the Philippines.

Before, our people voted to resolve political issues such as national independence. Unlike the manual way beforethe Board of Election Inspectors in each precinct read each ballot and had the count tallied on a blackboard or whiteboard.

The count and the process were seen by watchers from the rival political parties, the authorized election watchdog organizations and the press. There had been two "waves" of national referendums in the Philippines: Precinct election results should be signed and verified to be correct by the teachers making up the BEI.

Our laws say the accuracy of automated system used must be at least Nelson S. Badilla started writing for various publications in November and stopped in December Then, he started teaching in various universities from to The Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the province of Iloilo is “all set” for the filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs) for the polls.

Lawyer Elizabeth Doronila, provincial election officer, said their office is ready to accept. Jul 06,  · What makes matters worse is many journalists have been writing about the mortal sins of the Comelec and yet the majority of Filipinos are totally unaware that their right to suffrage was taken.

All official candidates are entitled to a copy of this SUPREME STUDENT GOVERNMENT ELECTION GUIDELINES e. Negative campaigning will be referred by the SSG COMELEC to the Guidance and Counselling Centerfor appropriate action. The last SK election was held inwith winners serving for three years.

The system has been in limbo since For the May 14 polls, the Comelec has decided to prohibit members of political. THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) has virtually awarded to the joint venture of Smartmatic-TIM the Pbillion contract to lease to the Comelec 23, units of precinct-based optical mark reader (OMR), which the Comelec will use in the presidential election to augment its 82, units of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) .

Editorial writing about election 2013 comelec
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