Brain drain has to be stopped

We will write a custom essay sample on Brain drain should be stopped or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER At the outset, let us analyse why there is so much of this exodus of brain from India and, without making much of a hullabaloo about the brains try to check the drain.

According to my angle of vision, our government should take more initiatives to create more and more employment and opportunities for our brains to prove themselves across the globe. Besides this, the handsome pay packets there are no match to the slim counterpart of a pay return here in India.

Jun 26, In every field, Indians proved their excellence and hence we have one of the best brains in the world. Jan 10, Why is brain drain important?

Our countries have to find fast track for this situation. So, I think the government should give our intelligence people that status which they deserve in our country. Because India has much skilled manpower.

Brain-Drain has to be stopped

So, they need not move outside and our country will develop rapidly. This opportunity is best regarding to me emigration of people to country is correct.

First i would like to draw your attention on migration. Manmohan Singh, who completed his bachelors in India, and done his PG from Oxford University, and came back to India and became a professor in University Of Delhi, and hence serving the country.

Thus what the country provided him as a form developing the lower castes resulted in him developing other countries indirectly.

Brain drain should be stopped

Oct 11, Hello Guys, In my point of view, first of all, we have to focus on the cause before going for a remedy. According to me, it should be stopped because due to this reason our country is still developing and not developed.

Why are people migrating? There are two types of people one who migrate for study or job and not qualified or not skilled to get work in their own country and second are who migrated for higher study or high paying job who is already qualified or skilled to get work in their own country, but for high quality of work or study they used to migrate.

He never returned back top India after that. Thus, this brain drain is and will continue unless we put a stopper by providing them with more working facilities at home and give them more than the other ordinary brains in terms of pecuniary benefits. As for the pay packets, they can also be enhanced in order to attract at least a few of the brains who may be less ambitious and more patriotic.

Now a question arises.Because of Brain-Drain India is still remaining as developing country. Indians must utilize their knowledge and skills for India to make our India as developed country.

If all Indians utilize their skills for India, India will be the top most developed country in the total world. Because India has much skilled manpower.

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brain drain should be stopped Brain Drain is an oft-heard expression used in India. This refers to the export, or going out of India of the Indian brains to different foreign countries. Brain Drain. Emigration. Economics. Should brain drain be stopped?

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Brain Drain has to be stopped in order to utilize the human capital for the country's development.

Brain Drain has to be stopped

Brain drain of one country is the brain gain of another country. To make reverse brain drain to stop brain drain, the initiatives that has to be taken are. Oct 24,  · Brain drain should be stopped and it must be stopped.

A study by United nations development program states that around 1 lakh professionals leave the country to take up jobs in US. I read one person's statement here on this thread who mentioned that wherever they work they are getting paid and the money is getting back to home Anonymous.

brain drain has to be stopped If we look into the defination or meaning of brain drain - it is the migration of skilled or qualified people in other country for better pay or living.

As every year thousands of people are migratingd from one country to another this topic is worth to be discussed.

Brain drain has to be stopped
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