Antimicrobial activity of coconut water biology essay

In this report, we present data on the growth parameters of selected pathogenic bacteria in fresh, stored and sterilize autoclaved and gamma irradiated coconut water.

The student t-test was used to analyse for statistical significance in the differences in lag time, growth rate and maximum growth for LB broth and fresh coconut water.

The combination of bacterial cellulose and chitosan can improve the antibacterial properties of cellulose.

Concerning the growth rate of K. A comparison of the different growth rates of E.

Growth curves of LB broth and that of a Fresh coconut water; b Autoclaved coconut water; c Antimicrobial activity of coconut water biology essay coconut water and d Stored coconut water. Measurements of optical density were in triplicates and each culture was repeated at least once.

Since coconut water is sterile and stable inside the fruit, it has been used for short-term intravenous hydration of patients. It also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C [2,6]. Acetobacter xylinum can break down the sugar component in the coconut water medium and is capable of forming a polysaccharide known as cellulose.

The addition of glycerol can increase elongation at break of composites. Silver has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity that exhibits low toxicity to mammalian cells.

Published medical research and clinical observation have shown that coconut water, Makes an excellent oral rehydration sports beverage; Aids in exercise performance; Reduces swelling in hands and feet; Aids in kidney function and dissolves kidney stones; Protects against cancer; Helps balance blood sugar; Provides a source of ionic trace minerals; Improves digestion; Contains nutrients that feed friendly gut bacteria Fife, This lag time in fresh coconut water imply that contaminating K.

Specifically we are grateful to Mr. The growth rate of K. It is worth noting as reported earlier [12] that the amount of total carbohydrate in fresh coconut water was higher than that of autoclaved coconut water, although the difference was not significant. Coconut Water Extraction and Characteristics A description of sample collection coconut fruitextraction and sterilisation of the coconut water and analyses of its characteristic of interest have been previously reported [12].

The lag time, defined as the intercept of the exponential phase, for the growth of E. It supported the growth of these bacteria, recording lag times of The addition of glycerol in the manufacture of bacterial cellulose in general aims to improve the mechanical properties of cellulose especially the elongation at break.

An isolated single colony of K. During this transfer, the water is most likely to be exposed, with a high possibility of contact with pathogenic bacteria. Coconut water also contains sucrose and vitamins B complex including nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, and folic acid.

Preparation of silver nanoparticles performed by chemical reduction of silver nitrate solution and polyvinyl alcohol as a stabilizer. In most countries, food handlers and food from road side vendor constitute the greatest risk for bacterial infections.

These and other growth parameters in coconut water were comparable to those in Luria-Bertani LB broth medium. This growth rate of E. Others minerals such as iron, zinc and manganese are available at appreciable levels [5,8].

It has also been used in the treatment of child and adult diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and in protecting against gastrointestinal tract infections [9].

The nutritional content and medical use of coconut water are suggestive of a bacteria growth promoting and growth limiting potential, respectively. Therefore, the propensity of fresh coconut water to support the growth of two pathogenic bacteria was studied.

Variation of cellulose and its composite No. Acknowledgements The authors are thankful to their senior colleagues for their useful suggestions and support for this study. In a metro city like Mumbai, the annual tender coconut turnover handled by some wholesalers is estimated to be around Rs.

Irradiation doses of between 4. The other gram negative bacteria studied for its survival and growth in coconut water was K. Since it is rich in nutrient, it may become unwholesome with possible high bacteria loads.

Therefore, storing fresh coconut water at ambient temperature for more than 3. This higher maximum growth in fresh coconut water indicates that more nutrients were available to sustain the dynamic nutrient equilibrium between the cells of K.Antimicrobial Activity of Coconut Water | Research Proposal Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the common term for the heterogenous group of conditions in.

Coconut water was diluted to three antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor different concentrations – %, 50% and 25%. activity and as an alternative for oral rehydration Before testing they were brought to the room and intravenous hydration of patients particularly temperature (5).

However, its use for managing and preventing diarrhoeal diseases and the report that coconut water contains anti-bacterial proteins, suggests a bacteria growth inhibition potential for it. Therefore, the propensity of fresh coconut water to support the growth of two pathogenic bacteria was studied.

Activity of virgin coconut oil, lauric acid or monolaurin in combination with lactic acid against Staphylococcus aureus. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 43, – The aim of the present study was to evaluate the antibacterial potential of the ethanol extracts of B.

vahlii roots, barks, and seeds was tested for antimicrobial activity against bacterial water borne pathogens using agar well diffusion assay the antibacterial activities were found to. Extraction of Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera L.) assay on antibacterial activity of coconut oil.

Coconut oil preparation The coconut type used for making virgin coconut coconut water, coconut skim, pineapple or malt extract, urea and molasses in mL Erlenmeyer.

Antimicrobial activity of coconut water biology essay
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